'A place where memories are made'
'A place where memories are made' 

Our vision

We are committed to making the child the centre of our work.  In order to make this effective, we aim to foster good relationships with parent/carers, recognising them as the child's first and most important educators.  We believe that a good partnership between home and the setting will help the child have the best possible experience in their formative early years.

Fledglings aims and objectives are to:

  • Provide a safe, stimulating, caring and learning environment in which babies and children from the age of birth to 5 years can feel happy and secure.
  • Ensure children receive the high quality, challenging learning opportunities which build on the children's interests and capabilities and are carefully planned to work with the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Manage the transition between leaving their home environment and settling into our early years setting
  • Ensure all children feel valued, respected and included
  • Provide children with a very naturalistic environment indoors and outdoors where they are encouraged and supported 
  • Ensure staff and other adults provide a good role model in their relationships with others
  • Ensure children's early experiences are of the highest quality
  • Provide children with opportunities to develop their physical, intellectual, language, creative, emotional and social skills both indoors and outdoors
  • Promote the welfare of children and encourage their independence through the use of appropriate praise and reassurance
  • Encourage positive attitudes to self and others, and develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Create opportunities for both indoor and outdoor play which, at times, is challenging both physically and mentally
  • Encourage children to explore, appreciate and respect their environment
  • Provide opportunities to stimulate interest and imagination
  • Extend children's abilities to communicate ideas and feelings in a variety of ways
  • Promote a close relationship with parents, carers and the community
  • Recognise every child is an individual with his/her own personality. We encourage each child to develop at their own pace and to explore the delights of being a child, whilst discovering that learning for life is fun and fascinating
  • Develop the children's awareness of diversity in the community and respect for each others values and customs
  • Be involved with the children's play, engaging in conversation and interact appropriately, extending their learning and understanding
  • Self evaluate to enhance our performance
  • Promote liaison between nursery and the local primary schools

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