'A place where memories are made'
'A place where memories are made' 



Fledglings take great pride in offering nutritious and healthy food. We focus on healthy eating and the nursery team will endeavour to supply varied, visually attractive and nutritious meals to the children in the setting.


We believe in the importance of a healthy and balanced diet to fuel growth and development.

Our menus are full of tasty and interesting dishes that provide children with a wide range of tasty meals from all around the world. We spent a lot of time analysing each dish to ensure every meal has the correct nutritional value but most of all, that it tastes great and encourages children to try new things.


Our aims are:

  • To provide the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily
  • To provide children under the age of 5 with a wide and nutritionally balanced diet to develop their health, growth and wellbeing
  • To show children that mealtimes are a good time to socialise with each other and to share food together



Children eat with their eyes!  We are well aware that sometimes children can be very fussy eaters. Our menus are seasonal and reflect a diversity of cultures, enhancing the children’s experience of the wider world. 


Meals are a combination of healthy, nutritious foods, locally sourced, freshly prepared on site in our kitchen by our chef Velmore and served attractively.


We provide a full meal service of breakfast, a two course lunch and a tea with regular fruit snacks.


Drinks of milk and water are available throughout the day.


Children’s individual dietary needs are taken into consideration and any special diets such as dairy free, vegetarian etc. are catered for.


We do not add any salt to our meals and sugar is kept to a minimum.


Menus follow a 4 weekly, seasonal timetable and where possible, promote independence we encourage children to make choices, e.g. choose fillings for baked potato.


If a child is not eating well we will inform parents.



Baby Meals



We will take our lead from you when the time arrives for weaning. Our manager and nursery staff will work with you to ensure an appropriate weaning diet, using fresh fruit and vegetables.


If you are breastfeeding your baby and would like to visit the nursery to do this, please feel free at any time. Alternatively, you may wish to supply us with bottles each day.


Our staff will work with you to ensure your baby is fed in the way and the time that you would like.           


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